About Dr. Pierce

Nationally Recognized Forensic Mental Health Consultant and Expert Witness

Aaron Pierce, Ph.D.

Dr. Pierce is a forensic mental health expert providing services to defense and state attorneys throughout Texas and nationwide. He has been providing services for 26 years, primarily in the areas of sex offender and violent offender treatment and evaluation, mitigation, false allegations of sexual abuse, forensic interview of children and adults, and false confessions. 

He is intimately familiar with the scientific literature in all of these areas, and he uses that knowledge to assist attorneys in analyzing case information and devising strategies for trial.

He assists in the guilt/innocence phase of trial, as well as the punishment phase. 

In guilt/innocence, his expertise is crucial in assisting with cross-examination of opposing counsel’s witnesses, providing rebuttal testimony, and also testimony specific to his findings in your case. In punishment, he can provide testimony about offender characteristics, assessment results, and prognosis. 

Dr. Aaron Pierce

Whether assessment results are positive or negative, reports are always provided to attorneys so that you can demonstrate that you provided effective assistance to your client.  

During his work, he also educates attorneys with regard to the literature and how it can be applied effectively in direct and cross-examination so you can use this information in future cases.

Dr. Pierce practices in the field and teaches forensic psychology to doctoral students — he is current with best field practice and well-qualified to teach in all of his expert areas.

Invaluable Advisor

Governor-appointed Chairman, Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment (CSOT)

Appointed to Council by Governor Perry in 2005, 2011.

Appointed to serve a third term as Chairman at the request of Governor Abbott in 2017.

Appointed Member, The Texas House of Representatives Select Interim Committee on Sex Offender Statutes, 2004–2008.

Trusted Practioner

Since 2003, awarded contracts with the Federal Government to provide mental health, sex offender treatment, substance abuse, and forensic services to individuals supervised by officers of the United States Probation Department, Western District of Texas; the United States Pretrial Office, Western District of Texas; and the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, Western and Northern Districts of Texas. Coverage area is Dallas, Waco, Temple and surrounding counties.

Esteemed Teacher

Since 2018, teaches doctoral and masters level-students in the Forensic Psychology Program as Contributing Faculty, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Serves as dissertation chair, committee member, and University Research Reviewer for students completing their dissertation in psychology and forensic psychology.

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