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Dr. Aaron Pierce:
Nationally Recognized Forensic Mental Health Consultant and Expert Witness

Dallas, Texas

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Aaron Pierce, Ph.D​

Trusted and Experienced Forensic Mental Health Expert

Dr. Pierce is a nationally recognized expert in forensic mental health matters — both practicing and teaching in the field. His expertise as a  licensed clinician and professor proves invaluable to attorneys who turn to him for their toughest cases — seeking his testimony and advice on false allegations of sexual abuse, false confessions, forensic interviewing protocols, and eyewitness credibility.

As a clinician, Dr. Pierce provides risk and mitigation assessments of sexual and violent offenders. Attorneys know that Dr. Pierce’s effective and comprehensive work is the cornerstone of case analysis and preparation that demonstrates that the attorney provided the most effective legal representation possible.

Dr. Pierce’s mastery of the scientific literature on sexual offenders and victims of sexual abuse makes him a formidable ally in the courtroom as well as a trusted advisor to the State. He currently serves as the Chair of the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment appointed by two governors in 2005, 2011, and 2017. The Council creates the rules and standards of practice for treating and evaluating sexual offenders and is the sole licensing agency for sex offender treatment providers.

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Services Offered

Risk And Mitigation Assessments

Dr. Pierce evaluates the level of risk your client poses to the community. If your client poses low risk, Dr. Pierce's report and testimony can often be used in mitigation to obtain the most favorable sentence. Likewise in plea negotiations.

Even if your client is high risk, having a report from Dr. Pierce in your file helps to demonstrate that you worked to provide effective counsel to your client.

False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Pierce overlays all relevant scientific literature regarding false allegations onto the case facts and defense theories to see if there is any alignment that, if known to the jury, would assist them in making proper decisions.

He provides testimony about his findings and will provide a statement regarding them for counsel's file, if requested.

Police Interrogation Methods and False Confessions

Dr. Pierce analyzes interrogation videos to determine if any methods were used that increase the probability of obtaining a false confession.

He evaluates your client for personal factors which can influence a person to admit to a crime they did not commit.

Forensic Interview Evaluation

Dr. Pierce routinely reviews forensic interview videos to assess whether the integrity of the interview was compromised or if improper interview techniques were used.

His testimony on this subject — and evaluation of opposing counsel's experts' qualifications and testimony — will ensure the fact-finder hears the truth.

Eyewitness Accuracy

Dr. Pierce analyzes the factors, whether environmental or personal, present during eyewitness identification.

Dr. Pierce is well-versed in the scientific literature pertaining to memory and the ability to encode and recall information, particularly while under varying levels of distress and how it may impact an individual’s ability to make an accurate identification.

Deregistration Evaluation

During the 79th regular session of the Texas legislature, House Bill 867 was passed adding subchapter I, Articles 62.401 to 62.408 to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. This created a process through which registered sex offenders with one eligible conviction may petition the state to be removed from the Texas registry. This process includes being assessed by a deregistration evaluation specialist.

Dr. Pierce is one of only 22 licensed clinicians authorized to conduct deregistration evaluations in the State of Texas.

Professional Training

Dr. Pierce presents trainings for lawyers, judges, counselors, psychologists, forensic interviewers, probation departments, state and federal supervision officers, and polygraph examiners.

He offers trainings on sex offender assessment and treatment, false allegations of sexual abuse, false confessions, victims of abuse, and a number of other topics. Dr. Pierce’s trainings are generally approved for credit by all of Texas’ licensing boards and those of other states.

Student Internships

Dr. Pierce has a forensic psychology internship in his private practice and accepts 2–3 interns per quarter. Interns shadow Dr. Pierce when he consults with attorneys, testifies in court, conducts evaluations, reviews interrogation and forensic interview videos, and provides treatment services to a forensic population.

Interested students may contact Dr. Pierce for additional information and to learn the qualification requirements. Note: This is a non-paid internship program, but is generally accepted by most universities for fulfilling practicum and internship course requirements.

I would not try any level criminal allegation regarding sexual assault without the help of Dr. Pierce. I have tried many of these cases and the most valuable asset when I do is Dr. Pierce. He has testified in many of my cases with the outcome being the two word verdict my client so badly needs. The most clear and concise witness I have ever used. I have come to the point where I feel the only way to be truly effective is to have him on our team when we go to trial. He is approachable, understanding, and infinitely knowledgeable.
Jury Found Client Not Guilty on ALL Charges (Continuous Sexual Abuse, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Indecency with a Child). Client, who had just started his job as a jailer in Dallas County, was accused of continuously having sexual contact with his then 6-year old stepdaughter. After the 10:30 PM Friday night verdict, one juror stayed after to tell us that not only had we “proven” a reasonable doubt, but that he thought it was proven more likely than not that Grandma had planted these false memories in her granddaughter’s head because of her hatred of our client. We could not have done this without the help of our expert witness on false memory and forensic interviewing, Dr. Aaron Pierce.
Dr. Pierce is my ONLY expert for child abuse cases. He is a national leader in understanding false accusations based on fear of the boogey man/family dynamics/hyper-sensitivity to touching based on past trauma. I have been doing sex defense work for 20 years. Dr. Pierce is the expert I rely on to help me understand the intricacies of my cases. He is a straight shooter. And perhaps more importantly, he speaks very well to juries in common language which is clear, concise, and not elitist. I have 5 cases pending with Dr. Pierce and have yet to lose one where he has consulted/testified.
Katheryn H. Haywood
The Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood, PLLC

Specializing in Mental Health issues and Sexual Assaults, Dallas and Collin Counties, Texas

I have been completely satisfied with Dr. Pierce in every case in which I have retained his services. Where Dr. Pierce has appeared as an expert witness, he is always thoroughly prepared. His knowledge, credentials, and demeanor under oath have consistently been instrumental in achieving the successful results my clients have enjoyed. In fact, in every case in which Dr. Pierce has appeared as a witness for me in parole revocation proceedings my client was not revoked! I frequently recommend him to other attorneys and the attorneys I know all feel as strongly as I do about his professionalism, competence, and effectiveness. He enjoys the reputation of being tops in his field and the consummate professional.